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In general, oncology is characterized by a close interdisciplinary cooperation. The chief physicians of the Albertinen-Hospital, oncologists and pathologists plan the individual treatment, determined in the weekly oncological meeting. Operative treatment is the primary aim of the Albertinen experts. As a secondary step, adjuvant procedures with the latest available medication, such as chemotherapy, anti-body therapy, and radiotherapy ensure successful recovery.



Our Doctors


Dr Mathias Bertram, MD
Tumour Centre Coordinator


Prof Dr Guntram Lock, MD
Head of the Internal Medicine Department


Dr Thies Daniels, MD
Head of the General, Visceral and Tumour Surgery Department


Dr Ingo von Leffern, MD
Director of the Albertinen Gynaecological Clinics

Head of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department

Prof Dr Klaus-Peter Dieckmann, MD

Head of the Urology Department


Dr Torsten Winterberg, MD
Senior Oncology Consultant



Doctors Cadiac Care

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